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Sports Tech We Work With

Categories of Partners we work with and Model Examples

Sports Tech

We Partner with the Best Sports Tech Businesses in these categories for Sports Clubs and Sports Facility Partners.

  • Sports Video Tech

  • Sports Facility Management Software

  • Sports Registration Software

  • Sports Travel Booking

  • Tournament Event Directors

  • Fan Engagement

Athlete Performance

We Partner with the Best Athlete Performance Training Tech in theae categories for Athletes to Use.

  • Athlete Training Software

  • Team Training Software

  • Athlete Performance Data

  • Sports Skills Data Capture

  • Scouting Video AI

  • Wearable Sensors

  • Sports Recovery Tech

Sports Gear

We Partner with the Best Sports Gear and Equipment in these Sports for Athletes, Teams and Clubs to use.

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Lacrosse

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball

  • School Sports Facilities

Best Sports Video Service

Free Live Stream your games and practices from anywhere using mobile phones, GoPros, or installed cameras. Clip your personal highlight and Instant Replay. See how to Get Video for your Club or School Teams for No out of Pocket Costs.

Best Baseball Facility Management Software

Grow your Baseball Facility Revenue with the Best software optimized for Mobile. 10x faster turnaround on phone calls and walk-ins for your Baseball Facility. Coaches can spend less time on the phone and more time in the cages. Get setup with online booking and memberships for your Facility without any training.

What We Do

Channel Partner

For Sports Tech Founders, We can Accelerate your Revenue Growth with Go to Market Marketing and Channel Sales to Sports Clubs, Teams and Athletes.

  • Sales Partner

  • Marketing

  • Investor

Fundraising Partner

For Sports Clubs, Teams and Facilities, you can use our Video Fundraising Model to raise money for your Program.

  • HS Team Fundraising

  • Sports Club Financing

  • Sports Facility Fundraising

  • Tournament Event Fundraising and Travel

Service Partner

For Coaches and Athletes, we offer Athlete Performance services and sports gear deals for our members to try and buy.

  • Athlete Performance Analysis

  • Athlete Training & Recovery

  • Athlete Marketing

  • Sports Gear Deals

Kevin Kirchner | Founder, Strategic Partner

I created Athletic Ace as the platform to share my research of Sports Tech, Athlete Performance, Fan Engagement and Sports Gear. After looking at all the solutions out there, I curate it down to recommend the best product, solution for your Sports Club, Team and Athletes to use.Want to talk about Partnership opportunities?
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