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Athlete Wearable Tech

This is a list of Athlete Wearable Tech for Athletes to to use for improving performance. These companies provide wearable sensors and software for tracking athlete's movements and monitoring athlete's body data.  Team trainers, coaches, plus individual athletes use these wearable tech products. 

Below, you see a list of Athlete & Team Training Tech strength coaches and athletes can use with a description for each. 

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BLAST Motion

Blast is a personalized motion capture sensor technology integrated with analysis, coaching, communication, and management tools. Blast has swing analysis products in Baseball, Golf and Softball. It also has a jump and sprint athletic performance sensor and app. By seamlessly identifying and integrating real-time motion metrics synchronized with auto-clipped mobile video, Blast Motion innovations create a contextually rich user experience that helps academies, coaches, and athletes train smarter and get better.

Blast offers a sensor to attach to bats and golf clubs with an app to record and capture all personalized swing data. It is for individual athletes and coaches to use with their teams or camps. 


Zepp is a multi-sport sensor and training platform built to provide real-time analytics for baseball-softball, golf, and tennis. Regardless of experience level, individuals receive the same expert data to make instant improvements on their game. Zepp has swing analyzer sensors to wear on bats, golf clubs or tennis rackets that brings meaningful data to sports by providing instant, unbiased data with an app allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to improve faster than ever.

Zepp offers swing ananlysis sensors and apps for individual athletes and coaches to use for their teams or training centers.


PIQ Sports Intelligence is a technology company in sports robotics, and sports wearables. PIQ thoroughly analyzes your game and provides you with your Winning Factors: the key strengths of your game, leverage them to win! PIQ is more than just a sensor it is a autonomous software that understands sports motions. It analyzes thousands of datapoints in real-time then displays in real time all the exact performances of your game, such as speed, strength, or precision… and much more.

PIQ offers sports specific wearable sensor system to individual athletes with an app to capture motions specific to that sport. It works for Tennis, Golf, Boxing, Skiing and Kiteboarding. 


PUSH band, worn on the forearm records the velocity and power achieved in an exercise to help validate coaching decisions in the weight room. PUSH Band can indicate levels of fatigue and daily performance, allowing coaches to confidently push their athletes to the limit while reducing the risk of injury. It can monitor + capture data on free movement exercises.

PUSH offers the band and software at different pricing packages for coaches of teams and strength coaches. 


WHOOP is a wearable device and analytics platform designed for and used by the world's most elite athletes. WHOOP providing continuous feedback on strain, sleep, and recovery. Using advanced biometric data, WHOOP informs you how you hard you've worked, how much sleep you need, how efficient that sleep was, and how well recovered your body is every day.

WHOOP offers the wearable device and app to individual athletes and for teams to buy and use. 

Catapult Sports

Catapult developed wearable sensor technology for athlete analytics,
protecting thousands of elite athletes at the intersection of sport science and analytics. Catapult is an all-encompassing performance monitoring tool and It invented GPS tracking for team sports with 

specific algorithms for specific sports and movements. Catapult enables insight in to athlete risk, readiness and return to play. Catapult empowers coaches globally with scientifically-validated metrics for the advancement of athlete performance.

Catapult offers team solutions in multiple sports at college and pro level. 


Playertek is the revolutionary wearable GPS athlete monitoring system for coaches and scientists to help you make more informed decisions to improve your athletes’ performance. As a coach, you can not only analyze every player in detail but review the team as a whole, as well as gain a detailed insight into a full season.

Playertek offers individual athlete device and a team software with multiple GPS device for monitoring every athlete on your team. It is for Soccer, Football and Rugby teams to use and is affordable pricing for high school and clubs. 

Zebra Technologies 

Zebra Technologies developed an RFID chip technology player tracking system. Zebra Sports is revolutionizing how scouts, coaches and trainers evaluate players. This solution allows trainers to keep athletes at peak performance by developing training plans based on individual metrics and fatigue thresholds. The software further enables NFL coaches to sync with official Game Day data and integrate it to quickly optimize training.

Zebra Sports offers their player tracking system with hardware and software to teams and leagues and is the official on-field player tracking provider of the NFL.


Athos is a training system with wearable sensor worn in training sports gear for muscle activity feedback. Quickly access the quality of any activity or movement and make real-time adjustments to optimize performance. Athos high-performance base layers have built-in sEMG sensors that send data to the Core that snaps directly into the garment. The Core processes the data and sends it via BLE to the Athos iOS app, where it can be analyzed by the Athlete and Coach.

Athos offers the wearable sensor with sports gear and app to individual athletes, teams and sports performance coaches that train players at a sports training facility. 


This is a list of Athlete Wearable Tech for Athletes to to use for improving performance. These companies provide wearable sensors and software for tracking athlete's movements and monitoring athlete's body data. Team trainers, coaches, plus individual athletes use these wearable tech products. 

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