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How Sporfie Works:

No Person needed for Filming and No Video Editing
Sporfie works with your Phone and Camera Setup at your Facility.

For High School Facilities to Use with Parents, Coaches, Fans

Share Sporfie Video:

3 Video Solutions For Your HS

1. Highlights Without Filming or Editing

Anyone including Parents and your HS Athletics Staff can create Instant Highlight Video Clips at your Games to keep and share. Parents want highlight clips of their kid. HS want to share clips as marketing to students/alumni/fans

2. Full-Game Footage For Coaches

Record Full-Game Video Footage of Every Game, Practice or Event in your Gym for Coaches to upload to use with any 3rd party Coaching Software tool. Coaches will be able to access all clips right away during/after game 

3. Branded Video Clips to Post and Share

Social Media Promotion of your School Teams by Sharing branded video clips
Share to your School Community via App Invite or via Text, Email.
New Revenue for Your HS with sponsorship logo on video clips + end of video

Sporfie is

  • Built for capturing video clips after the play happens 
  • Controlled by a free Smartphone app
  • Clipr Button anyone can use to save clips to their Phone

The Video Problem We kept seeing: 

over the last 5+ years being at High School games we constantly hear "wish I could have highlight clip of that play" or "any idea how I can create highlight clips of my kid?" or "how come we can't get access to that camera feed?"  We figured there had to be a better way.

Here's why Sporfie is a Great Solution:

- Built for Capturing Personal Sports Moments Video Clips during the game
- Saves time from needing to go back through game to find play and edit video
- Easy, always on video service for parents, coaches to get video clips without having to hold up your phone or man a camera to film games

And Sporfie works both with Phones/iPads and Video Cameras so it will work at your facility.

Just watch the game and click a button after the play happens to capture clips.

See Video Highlights feature comparison guide to see Why Sporfie is the solution




Need Special Camera 

No, multiple options

Yes, have to buy $$

Own your Video

Yes, you own

No, they own network

Personal Highlights

Yes, instant with click

No, manually after


Lowest Cost Option

$5K-$10K per year

Setup + Support

Yes, install/support

No, remote support

Automated Film, Edit

Yes + Yes

Yes Film, Needs Edit

Who is Sporfie For

For High Schools use as Video Solution to get personal highlight clip moments for games on their Basketball Gym and Field Sports.

Capture highlight moments from your HS Games for
- Parents gets personal highlight clips of their kid during the game with 1 click
- Coaches get recording of games, clips of all plays right away to view
- HS Athletics program get best marketing by posting highlight clips from each game right to their social accounts, website/app with sponsors branding revenue.  Anyone at game can save a clip and share.

Use For your Gym sports and school events and for Outdoor sports with Phone as Camera angle on field, behind goal, behind the plate for

- Gym:  Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, School events in the Gym
- Baseball, Softball Field Behind Home Plate Camera
- Football End Zone or Sideline Camera View
- Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey Behind Goal Camera View or Sideline View
- Tennis Behind view on the Fence
- Track Meets race view on running lanes
- Coaches can use To record games, record clips from Practices to show

Over 12,514 Game Events Created, 538,530 Clips Captured and 2,140,745 Videos Played

Here are some examples of Customers that use Sporfie
- Gilbert HS 
- Campo Verde HS
- AHL, ECHL Hockey Minor Leagues all 30 Teams use 
- Sports Facilities for Leagues, Tournaments Play 

HS also use it as 24/7 Security Camera in their Gym and for filming, capturing clips from other events, school ceremonies in their gym.

We're excited to help make Video Highlights available to more High School Athletic Directors, Coaches, Parents and Students/Alumni. 

Schedule a Call to talk about Video Highlight Solution that works for your HS.

On Call, I will show you how other HS get their costs covered and why all 3 roles (AD, Coach, Parents/Booster Club) pick this video solution.

Multi Sport use
Sporfie works for 10

sports Indoor and Outdoor

 No Expensive Hardware Needed

Works with multiple Camera setup options (Phones, Video Cameras)

Phone App to create and access video clips created at games and share easily from your phone 

Sporfie is WAY cooler than I expected. We have instant Highlights we can share to engage our community.  Parents/Coaches get personal highlight clips they want from games without editing.


HS Athletic Director

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