Phone + Lederbord = Instant Scoreboard  

How Lederbord Works:

You don't need internet connection
Lederbord has its own WiFi signal password to connect phone on any Field.

For Intramural or Club Sports ScoreKeeper to Connect Phone

Share Lederbord Scoreboard:

Lederbord is

 Weatherproof: rugged powder-coated steel frame withstands rain, snow, cold and heat
 Controlled by a free Smartphone app from up to 200 feet away 
 Battery-powered (Lithium Ion battery lasts 5+ hours)
 Patent-pending
 Easy to transport Size: 2.38” x 16.75” x 30.25”; 17.4 lbs
 Manufactured in the US with unmatched customer service support
 Guaranteed with a one-year bumper-to-bumper warranty

Ten sports supported with more on the way:
 Baseball / Softball - score, time, balls, strikes, outs, and innings
 Soccer / Lacrosse - score, time, half/period
 Football - score, time, yards, downs, to go, quarters
 Tennis (New!) - game and sets (including tie-breaks)
 Wrestling - weight class, points, time
 Track/Swimming - event, heat
 Basketball - score, time, half
 Volleyball - score, time, games
 Ultimate Frisbee - score and time

Plus it works as a stop watch, countdown timer and clock for games or practices.

The Scoreboard Problem We kept seeing: 

over the last 10+ years being at Youth and Club Sports games we constantly hear "hey, what's the score?" or "any idea how much time's left?" or "how come there's a scoreboard at this field but it's not turned on?"  We figured there had to be a better way.

Here's what makes Lederbord a really Great Solution:

- It's super tough—powder coated steel casing is weather proof. 
- Stand up on field or hang from fence so everyone can see LED scoreboard
- Your Phone becomes Scoreboard controller with our portable Lederbord Scoreboard so you can instantly keep score with No other hardware, wires, power or internet.  Everything you need to keep score is Phone + Lederbord
We can upgrade the firmware on the scoreboard with a push from the phone app—enabling us to constantly push out new features and supported sports (we now have 10 sports and are working on more cool stuff to launch this spring.

And the Lēderbord works on both AC power and battery power (which lasts 5+ hours).

See Scoreboard feature comparison guide to see Why Lederbord is the solution





Powder Coated Steel


Score Controller

via Free Phone App

Sold Separately $

Remote Distance

200+ Feet


Battery Power

Yes, 5+ Hours

No, Need Plug in Cord

AC Power



Internal WiFi



10+ Sports



Timer, Clock, Stopwatch



Built for Outdoors






Indoor Use



Start Use in 1 Minute


No, 30+ Minutes 

All in One Hardware


No, Need Accessories

Who is Lederbord For

For Intramural or Club Sports Directors needing Scoreboard on Outdoor Sports Fields (Soccer, Lacrosse, Football, Baseball/Softball).

For Youth Sports Leagues/Club and Sports Facility Managers to use as Field Scoreboard for Soccer, Lacrosse, Football and Baseball/Softball Leagues and Tournaments.

For HS, Middle School use as MultiSport Scoreboard for games on their Soccer, Lacrosse, Football and Baseball/Softball Fields

For Outdoor Fields and Indoor Sports where there is no Scoreboard or as alternative solution for Scoreboards that need a connection like

- Soccer, Lacrosse
- Baseball, Softball
- Tennis and Football
- Swim and Track Meets
- Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling 
- Clock, Countdown Timer, Stopwatch for Coaches to use at Practice or Games

We have some awesome early-adopter users including

- Colorado School of Mines, 
- University of Nebraska Medical Center
- St. Mary's High School
- Upper 90 Soccer
- Juke Soccer 

We've gotten fantastic feedback from Directors of Intramural Sports, College Club Team Directors and Sports Facility Club managers.

We're excited to help make this available to more Sports Directors. Here is your chance to get 1 or more of 100 Lederbord Scoreboards we are producing now.

Multisport use
Lederbord Scoreboard works for 10 different sports (Time, Score, Stats) and as Countdown timer, clock too

 No Mess, Just Phone + Lederbord

Perfect for Outdoor sports because No need for controller hardware, plugs, wires or internet. 

Phone Controls Scoreboard
Lederbord works as App with iPhone or Android phones. Lederbord has Wifi signal to connect your Phone

Lederbord is WAY cooler than I expected. We have an instant Scoreboard on any field we play on with no hassle setup. Really like that it's portable and works for Multi sports. App replaces our need for multiple scoreboards or controller hardware.

Steve M

Club Sports Director

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