Best Sports Facility Products for Home and Team Clubs

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Best Sports Facility Products for Home & Team Clubs

Mini Soccer Field for Home and Soccer Clubs

This top soccer field facility for 5 a side soccer.  It comes fully installed with side walls, goals, lights and netting around the goals. It also has special turf to play soccer on. Can also be used with lacrosse goals or put net to play volleyball or tennis.

75+ Reviews

Regular Price : $60K-$160K

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Lēderbord Scoreboard Hanging on Fence
Lederbord Tennis Fence Scoreboard
Lederbord custom ad text

Lederbord Outdoor Digital Scoreboard: Phone App Controls + No Plug In

Top outdoor digital scoreboard for home and team clubs to use. Just need your phone app and Ledeberbord for instant scoreboard, clock and timer.  No power needed at field, it has 5+ hour rechargeable battery. Weatherproof scoreboard that hangs on Fence or ground stand. Scoreboard app controls for multiple sports including Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Football, Tennis and Volleyball. Make money from scoreboard sponsor messages and food concession promos.

50 Reviews

Regular Price: $1,068 

Deal Price Now: $899 or monthly price 

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Basketball Court for Home or Team Club Facility

This is top basketball court to install for Home and Team Club Facilities.

500 Reviews

Price: $10K-$60K depends on size

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EZ Ice Rink for Home Ice Rink in your Backyard

This is top Ice Rink for Home Hockey and Ice Skating. Get it delivered to your house for easy 1 hour install to create a home ice for your family to enjoy.

100 Reviews

Regular Price: $2,000+

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