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How Sporfie Works:

No Person needed for Filming and No Video Editing
Sporfie works with your Phone and Camera Setup at your Facility.

For Pro and College Teams + Leagues Marketing Fan Engagement

Share Sporfie Video:

3 Reasons Why Teams Use Sporfie

1. Highlights Without Filming or Editing

Anyone including your Social Media Coordinator, Video Producer and Fans can create Instant Highlight Video Clips at your Games to keep and share. Teams have 1 staff member with a button that clips live from your cameras

2. Instant Clips Shared to Social

Clips capture action after it happens and easily shared Instantly during Games direct to your Social Channels for maximizing Fan Engagement Views

3. Boost Fan Views + Sponsor Revenue

Social Media Promotion of your Teams boost Sponsorship Revenue
Sponsored Fan Engagement Video Clips is a Profit Generator for your Team
Bonus: Share All Fan Clips (Reaction Shots, Fans in Stands and on Field)

Sporfie is

  • Built for capturing video clips after the play happens 
  • App Controlled by connecting to your Cameras
  • Hands-Free Clipr Button anyone can use to save clips to their Phone

The Video Problem We kept seeing: 

over the last 5+ years being at games we constantly hear "wish I could have highlight clip of that play" or "any idea how I can create highlight clips to share to social?" or "how come we can't get access to that camera feed?"  We figured there had to be a better way.

Here's why Sporfie is a Great Solution:

- Built for Capturing Personal Sports Moments Video Clips during the game
- Saves time from needing to go back through game to find play and edit video
- Easy, always on video service for Team Social Coordinator or Fans to get video clips without having to hold up your phone or man a camera to film games

And Sporfie works both with Phones/iPads and Video Cameras so it will work at your facility without adding huge costs or needing more staff. 

Just watch the game and click a button after the play happens to capture clips.

Who is Sporfie For:

For Pro and College League Teams Fan Engagement Marketing Directors, Social Media Coordinators and Video Production Team to use as Video Solution that gets personal highlight clip moments from games instantly to share on social.

Here are some examples of League and Team Customers that use Sporfie
AHL, ECHL Hockey Minor Leagues all 30 Teams use 
- MiLB Teams 
- Junior, Minor Pro League Teams and Colleges

Over 12,514 Game Events Created, 538,530 Clips Captured and 2,140,745 Videos Played

We're excited to help make Team Fan Engagement Video Clips available to more Team Marketing and Fan Engagement Directors. 

Schedule a Call to talk about Video Solution that works for your Team.

On Call, I will show you how other Teams set this up and why all 3 roles (Marketing Director, Social Coordinator, Video Producer) pick this video solution.

We love Sporfie at the Stripers. You guys filled a HUGE hole for us. We’re at the Triple-A level, the highest level in MiLB, and you came in and have done wonders for us with your technology..

Anastasia Hamilton

Social Media Coordinator at Gwinnet Stripers

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