Tournaments Make $ on Any Hotel Room

How It Works For Tournament Directors:

  1. You Share 1 Booking Link for All Tournament Events
  2. Families Book Any Hotel Room They Want with Exclusive Prices
  3. You get $5-$10 Per Room They Book + Tracks Bookings 100%

For Tournament Event Directors 

Share Travel Booking Solution Video:

3 Reasons Why Tournaments Use

1. Add Your $5-$10 Fee to Any Hotel Room

Tournament Directors can set Fee per Room Night and it will be added to any Hotel Room.  Example you set $10 Per Room Night for 2 nights and 100 Rooms booked = $2,000 Per Tournament Event that you earn.

2. Tracks 100% Stay to Play Bookings

Save 100's of Hours monitoring who booked with your Account to easily track who booked, when and where to use for 100% Stay to Play Check-in.

3. Make More Revenue + Save Teams Cost

Tournament Directors Make More Travel $ without hiring Travel Agency. 
Offer Teams + Families Exclusive Hotel Pricing Discounts to save

Lucid Travel Booking Ace is

  • Built for Tournament Directors to Make $2K-$20K 
  • No Cost and Adds Revenue For Tournament Directors
  • Monitor Who Booked to Track 100% Stay to Play

The Travel Problem We kept seeing: 

over the last 5+ years being at Tournaments we constantly hear "wish I could pick hotel we wanted" or "any idea how I can offer Hotel Travel without a Travel Agency?" or "how come we can't get better hotel pricing?"  We figured there had to be a better way.

Here's why Lucid is a Great Solution:

- Built for Tournament Directors to have Travel Booking without managing it
- Saves time from monitoring who booked when Checking in at Events
- 1 Booking Link to share for all events that works with Any Hotel

This works without adding costs or needing more staff for Tournament Directors. 

Just share your 1 booking link and get paid $5-$10 on every room at any hotel Team Families book at and you get paid more revenue.

Who is Lucid Travel For:

For Tournament Directors that want to earn more from Travel without a Travel Agency or switch from a Travel Agency to keep more of their Travel Revenue.

Here are some examples of Tournament Directors that use Lucid
GotSoccer, Exposure Events now use it as Travel Partner
- West Ottawa Soccer Club, Hoop Circuit, BSE Baseball
- Over 300 Club Teams and Tournament Directors

We're excited to help make Tournament Directors more Revenue and less time managing who booked for their events.

On Call, I will show you how other Tournaments use this to make $2,000 Per Tournaments and $20,000 from their Event Hotel bookings.

Click Button below to Give your Details and Get Free Booking Link or Call/Text us to setup your Fee per room you want and your booking link for you.

We love having 1 Travel link to share and add our fee to any Hotel Room. No Travel Agency, No time to manage + Teams and Families can pick Hotel they want with exclusive pricing is a No Brainer for us!


Tournament Director

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