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Sports Tech Market for Athletes and Coaches

When you start to look at the Sports Tech market,

there are so many different products and use cases out there that I think it’s helpful to see the market just like a Coach or Athlete would.

So I put these products in targeted Categories and subcategory lists with a Market Map image on Sports Tech Products that improve performance for Athletes and Coaches. This makes it easy to see market research with comparison of products by category that fit your needs.

You can see the full list of Sports Tech Products here on this page with more details about each company plus get access to Research Guides for specific Sports and Levels (Youth, High School, College, Pro).

From a Coach or Athlete’s perspective, it’s not about the technology, it’s about what is actionable using Sports Tech to improve performance. Just like Sports, it’s about Performance. That is why I break it down into the 4 main categories of Sports Tech Products for Coaches and Athletes.

The 4 main categories of Sports Tech Products for Coaches and Athletes are:

  1. Video (software, cameras and hardware setup) Teams, Coaches & Facilities use
  2. Athlete Data (wearable hardware, software for performance data, player tracking)
  3. Brain Training (mental reps simulation with VR/AR/Mixed, cognitive and sensory)
  4. Athlete Training & Injury/Recovery (software, hardware, sports training gear)

Note: there are 2 other Categories that will be added

  • Sports Gear and Equipment (shoes, gloves, sticks, apparel, balls, equipment) is a separate market. Click here to be updated on the Sports Gear Product Market.
  • Team Management Products for Coaches, Leagues and Athletic Staff will be added to my list on the Athletic Ace site. It was not on the image because of limited space.

I made Athletic Ace as a valuable resource for Coaches and Athletes to discover the right Sports Tech Products for their needs. (You can see the full category list of products by clicking on the image)

The Sports Tech Market Map and list for Coaches and Athletes is broken down into 12 subcategory lists in these 4 categories…


Sports Facility Video Tech: this is the video cameras that you setup to capture games, practices and tournaments. Coaches are looking to use Video to prepare their Teams + Athletes and it starts with having the right video camera setup within your Sports Facility field or court to capture video.

Team Video Coach Tech: this is the video software Coaches use to breakdown, edit and analyze their team’s video. Coaches need video software to prepare their teams and coach up athletes by tagging actions or plays to use as an educational tool.

Athlete Video Analysis Tech: this is video analysis software or app that Coaches use to review individual players or plays. They draw, highlight or overlay data on the video to show coaching points to athletes about their technique and how they can improve.

Athlete Data

Athlete Wearable Tech: this is wearable hardware with sensors that Athletes wear on their body to capture and collect data. It can be GPS data, health data like heart rate or motion data about their movements, mechanics. It even includes sensors that capture data on gear and equipment Athletes are playing with.

Sports Facility Analytics Tech: this is location player tracking, action or object tracking using cameras, sensors and software within a Sports Facility field or court. Teams and Coaches are able to capture analytic data to make better decisions and see where players perform best or need to improve.

Athlete Performance Data Tech: this is Software platforms Coaches, Trainers and Team staff use to manage Athlete data. A place to integrate all the Athlete data from multiple sources to use for analyzing data and what actionable insights they can get from that data to improve an Athlete’s performance.

Brain Training

Sports Virtual Reality Tech: this is Virtual Reality headsets, hardware and software to capture Virtual Reality 360 video, stitch that video together to watch wearing a Virtual Reality Headset. Athletes are using Virtual Reality for Sport Specific training simulators to increase mental reps of a play off the field.

Sports Augmented + Mixed Reality Tech: this is software and hardware that augments video or images while viewing through a lens. Similar to Virtual Reality, but with the ability to have objects move and ability to create plays or actions around you to simulate a mental rep for training an Athlete’s brain in Sport Specific situations.

Brain Training Sports Tech: this is cognitive training and mental training software apps for improving decision making, play recognition, sensory skills and reaction time. Also includes sports psychology and mental training tools for Athletes to use for focus and preparing their mindset.

Athlete Training and Injury/Recovery

Athlete and Team Training Tech: this is training program software for Coaches, Strength Coaches or Athletes use to train their body. Create and manage personalized individual workouts or Team training workouts to improve athletic performance.

Performance Sports Gear: this is sports gear that uses technology with it to improve an Athlete’s performance. Smart gear like a smart ball, sensor on helmets, smart water bottle or performance insoles that use technology. There will be a separate market list for Sports Gear and Equipment. Click here to be updated on Sports Gear Products.

Athlete Injury and Recovery Tech: this is software and hardware gear that Athletic Trainers, Sports Science or Sports Medicine staff use with Athletes to improve recovery, identify injuries and body part weaknesses. It also includes using technology plus science to monitor, improve Athlete’s sleep and fatigue.

Do you agree with these Sports Tech Market categories and subcategories?

Your feedback and suggestions on Sports Tech Products, categories and what you would like me to add in my research or to my list are welcomed.

If you are a Coach or Athlete that would like to see Research on these Products for your Sport and level, you can contact me here and let me know what you want to see.

To see the full list of Products with details by Category and subcategory lists, just click here.

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