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The Sports Tech, Sports Science and Sports Gear industry is booming with innovative products for Athletes and Coaches to wear and use.  

Athletic Ace is a Valuable Resource for Athletes and Coaches to Discover the Best Sports Tech and Sports Gear by sport and level


Our mission is to find what's working so Athletes and Coaches can experience the best and latest products in Sports Tech, Sports Science and Sports Gear that help them perform for their Sport.  With a focus on how these Products drive actionable results by improving performance, reducing injuries or maximizing recovery, we break it down for you including examples plus case studies from teams, coaches and athletes that use it.

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Kevin Kirchner

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My background as a Coach, Athlete and Growth Marketer for Software (SaaS) companies led to invitations for me to check out new Sports Tech products that were coming out.  I went from getting an inside look, experiencing how these innovations in Sports Tech could help improve Athletes and Coaches to an influencer that wants to showcase the best products out there directly to Athletes and Coaches.

If you have a great product that works to improve performance for Athletes, Coaches and Teams, then click the button below to connect with me on Linkedin. We can talk about showcasing your product directly to Athletes and Coaches.  Reach out to discuss an engaging way that puts your product first.


"Athletic Ace is a great resource for Coaches and Athletes to find out about Sports Tech products and which one to choose to best help improve their performance."

Jane Deen


"The Research Guides from Athletic Ace helps our team decide what Sports Tech product to go with and keep up with what is coming out in the Market.  I just need to go to 1 site to get everything I need."

John Williams

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