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This is a list of Performance Sports Gear for Athletes to wear and use. These companies provide gear technology products for improving and monitoring an Athlete's performance. From Performance insoles in your shoes to monitors on helmets and even smart gear, the key is sports gear that is personalized to help you perform better.    

Below, you see a list of Performance Sports Gear Companies Athletes can use with a description for each. 

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VKTRY Gear performance insole is the first-ever high-performance athletic insole designed to return the energy an athlete generates as explosive power, speed and agility. VKTRY Peformance insole helps athletes run faster and jump higher while reducing the chance of injury. VK's patented carbon fiber design is scientifically proven to help athletes take their game to the next level. And experts in Sports Medicine agree that VKTRY's insole can help protect against injuries.

VKTRY offers performance insoles for Athletes to wear in all sports including NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA teams. The performance insole is customized to fit your shoe size and weight. 


Wiivv is custom fit 3D printed footwear insoles that's measured to the contours of your exact feet using a smartphone. Suitable for all types of feet, Wivv custom insoles have custom arch support to relieve pain and foot fatigue. They are scientifically proven to enhance comfort, relieve foot pain, reduce foot fatigue and reduce injuries from running by automatically enhancing your custom arch to offer the support you need.

Wiivv offers a full length and 3/4 custom fit insole to buy that is affordable and different than off the shelf insoles or orthotics.

Athlete Intelligence

Athlete Intelligence platform is for understanding impacts in sports. It goes beyond cryptic data points and isolated measurements. It empowers coaches and athletic trainers to access the useful insights that create coachable opportunities, and in turn maximize long-term player potential. The core functionality of the Athlete Intelligence platform pairs with state-of-the-art Vector™ MouthGuard, Cue™ Sport Sensor and ShockBox® Helmet Sensor to deliver a comprehensive solution for more than just hit detection and athlete safety. It even syncs with video to see hits. 

Athlete Intelligence helps coaches and athletic trainers build strategies around the tactics that win games. They offer 3 different sensors and pricing packages for youth and higher level teams.


Trago is a smart water hyrdation system that offers a smart cap to go on water bottles and a mobile app to sync for tracking your personal hydration levels. Trago provides Athletes a personalized solution that informs you on how much water you should be drinking each day to improve your performance and stay hydrated. 

Trago offers the smart cap and water bottle with mobile app for athletes to buy and use.


DribbleUp is a smart ball gear technology company that makes a smart basketball and smart soccer ball. The DribbleUp Smart ball + app takes your game to the next level with interactive training. The ball has been specially designed for tracking, crafted with an embedded optical marker for tracking. The app provides interactive training with a virtual coach that guides you through interactive drill videos and grades you based on your performance.

DribbleUp offers the smart ball and app at an affordable price for athletes to improve their ball skills and performance. 


This is a list of Performance Sports Gear for Athletes to wear and use. These companies provide gear technology products for improving and monitoring an Athlete's performance.

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