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Sports Facility Analytics Tech

This is a list of Sports Facility Analytics Tech solutions for Teams, Coaches and Athletes to use. These companies provide sensors and cameras to capture analytic data of teams and athletes playing on the courts and fields of Sports Facility playing surfaces. It also includes making this analytic data available to coaches and athletes so they can get feedback and improve their performance. 

Below, you see a list of Sports Facility Analytics Tech Companies Coaches and Athletes can use with a description for each. 

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ShotTracker is a sports facility technology that automatically captures real-time stats for every level of play for Basketball teams. Leverage trends and insights to maximize player potential. Know your most effective lineups and player hot spots. Get post practice reports before you and your players hit the locker room.

ShotTracker uses sensors and software to get complete data tracking for every player on the court and object or event triggered like Shots, Rebounds, passes, etc.  They have team and individual options and it is used for Basketball courts. 


STATS SportVU is a player tracking analytics system that delivers 

performance statistics by extracting and processing coordinates of players (X,Y) and the ball (X,Y,Z) through HD cameras as well as sophisticated software and statistical algorithms. 

STATS SportVU’s speed, distance, and possession data provide key insights and analysis points for professional teams. It is used for Football and Soccer. 


Playsight transforms your games, matches and practices into fully interactive and shareable events while giving you professional level analysis and evaluation tools to take your game to the next level. The Playsight Smartcourt is a fully automated court monitoring system that tracks everything. 

Playsight uses a multi camera setup on your court or field to automatically capture video of a game, practice or match in multiple sports. You can use for broadcasting, streaming or teams and individual athletes can access the video and analytics through the app. 


Playgineering offers fully automated broadcasting and data gathering of games, practices in multiple sports. A multi camera setup at a Sports Facility to automate video capture for streaming, broadcasting games or for teams and leagues to use as a coaching tool.

Playgineering has innovative, affordable & patented game tracking, video replay & entertainment solutions for team sports. They invented new Sports Technology in automating player tracking, object tracking and are a pioneer in Sports' Technologies

NOAH Basketball

NOAH Basketball is a machine vision technology and software that delivers audio feedback as well as analytic data on every shot you take on a basketball court. At every level, players are able to use the product to make more shots and win more games. Already being used by many of the top 3-point shooters in the world. 

NOAH Basketball offers shot tracking along with optimal shooting arc and depth feedback to build muscle memory for the perfect shot. They have pricing packages for half court, full court and the Noahlytics data system athletes and coaches can access to view shot data.

Second Spectrum

Second Spectrum is a machine intelligence technology that offers analytics data through video and player tracking. The player tracking system applies state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision techniques to produce fast and accurate location data for basketball, football and several other sports. They are the Official Optical Tracking Provider of the NBA. Our data powers new ways for teams and leagues to understand, evaluate, improve and create content about their game..

Second Spectrum helps Teams, Coaches and Athletes by combining video and visualization of stats and player tracking to gain the information that is the most useful to you.


This is a list of Sports Facility Analytics Tech for Coaches and Athletes to get data on their performance. Sensors and software on courts and fields at Sports Facilities to capture and share analytic data so Coaches and Athletes know where they are most efficient and where to improve.

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