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This is a list of the best Sports Facility Video Tech companies for Athletic Teams and Athletes to use. These companies provide automated video capture for broadcasting games including streaming games online and also as a coaching tool for coaches to use. This technology is a mix of video camera hardware and software to setup at a Sports Facility, like indoor courts, outdoor fields and will work to capture all the games from different sports played on that Sport facility surface.  

For example, if you setup a camera at a Basketball court, you can also get Volleyball games, Wrestling matches that use this same court.  If you set the camera up on a multi use outdoor field, you can also automatically capture all Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey and Football games with the same camera.

Below, you see the list of Sports Facility Video Tech Companies you can use with a description for each.

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Playsight transforms your games, matches and practices into fully interactive and shareable events while giving you professional level analysis and evaluation tools to take your game to the next level. The Playsight Smartcourt is a fully automated court monitoring system that tracks everything. 

Playsight uses a multi camera setup on your court or field to automatically capture video of a game, practice or match in multiple sports. You can use for broadcasting, streaming or teams and individual athletes can access the video and analytics through the app. 


Playgineering offers fully automated broadcasting and data gathering of games, practices in multiple sports. A multi camera setup at a Sports Facility to automate video capture for streaming, broadcasting games or for teams and leagues to use as a coaching tool.

Playgineering has innovative, affordable & patented game tracking, video replay & entertainment solutions for team sports. They invented new Sports Technology in automating player tracking, object tracking and are a pioneer in Sports' Technologies.


Keemotion is the automated production solution connecting the Sports Facility arena for Coaches, Leagues and fans. 1 camera with motion detection technology and software for a top-tier viewing experience.

Keemotion offers a complete solution to automate broadcasting games and practices at professional video quality for Coaches, Teams and Broadcasters to use. Instantly review plays with video playback, tag plays and stream video of your team or league. 


Pixelllot's fully automated sports production solutions enable any sports team to easily produce high-quality game and player videos at significantly reduced costs. 4 video cameras in 1 unit is setup at a Sports Facility court or field to automate video capture of games, practices and streaming live webcasts for any club or school. 

Pixellot is used for automatically broadcasting games in multiple sports to fans, producing highlight clips to share as well as a video coaching tool coaches use.


Kiswe transforms live and archived digital video to make it interactive, personalized, and social – which is key to increasing engagement metrics and loyalty. They transform your Team's video to engage your digital audience.

Kiswe is an end-to-end interactive platform for broadcasting digital video with data and monetization for Teams and Leagues. They offer a solution to deliver personalized and interactive video experiences on mobile devices and social networks to fans.


This is a list of Sports Facility Video Tech companies to use for automated video capture of teams or athletes playing multiple sports. It includes automated video camera capture for broadcasting, streaming games or recording game video for coaches to use. This means there is no person needed to manually film a game or practice played at these Sports Facility courts or fields.

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