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This is a list of Team Video Tech solutions for Coaches to use.  Game video editing software to breakdown a game into clips and review plays to prepare their teams to play. These companies provide practice and game video editing software for Coaches to analyze and get insights from their team's video. It also includes creating highlight clips and being able to exchange game video with other teams.

Below, you see a list of Companies Coaches can use for Team Video Tech with a description for each. 

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Hudl is a video software company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Hudl now offers the tools to capture and breakdown game film, edit and share video, study associated play diagrams, and create quality highlight reels for entertainment and recruiting purposes. The whole experience is available online, giving coaches and athletes secure access at home and on the go.

Use Hudl to analyze video, track stats, manage team feedback and create highlights in one easy-to-use online platform. Hudl is a game film solution available for all sports and all levels.

XOS Digital

XOS Digital provides Coaching solutions including Professional-grade video, reporting, and distribution tools so your team has the best chance of success on game day. Teams in NFL, NCAA and NHL and other leagues use XOS Digital. 

XOS offers video editing, cloud based video, analytics, game film exchange, player performance tracking, virtual reality and even in game video technology for Coaches to use. 


Krossover is building solutions for smarter coaches and more efficient athletes that will give you the insight you need to get better. Win more games this season with full-service game film analysis, comprehensive statistics, and streamlined sharing tools that will get you ready to get your game on. 


Krossover offers to break down and stat your game film for you as well as making it easy to do film exchange with other teams. Sports include Basketball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball and Ice Hockey.


Scorebreak provides in-game live-streamed video review for actionable intelligence, currently for Basketball and Lacrosse. Stream video to your bench or lockerroom and live tag stats that will instantly break your game video down for instant feedback.

With ScoreBreak, you can stream your game to your bench without needing a MacBook or PC and without having to use any PC streaming software. Your game film can be downloaded to your iPad as the game goes on making it easy for you to view and edit the video clips you want. 


This is a list of Team Video Tech for Coaches to breakdown and edit their team's practice and game video. It involves video editing software for Coaches to use in preparing their team.

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