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Video Analysis Coach Tech

This is a list of Video Analysis Coach Tech solutions for Coaches to use at camps, clinics, academies or private coaching training centers. These companies provide recording video software with a device, video storage for organizing video clips of each player and video editing software for Coaches to make slow motion videos, draw on or add voice over to the video and side by side comparison video clips. It also includes sharing these highlight clips to give feedback with coaching points to each player.

Below, you see a list of Companies Coaches can use for Video Analysis Coach Tech with a description for each. 

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CoachCast is an incredibly simple yet powerful video platform that will make capturing, organizing, and sharing video fast and simple. It saves you hundreds of hours each year so that you can coach more, play more, and edit less. Create lists to organize video clips and seamlessly connect athletes with their own video locker to review and share video clips from their coach.

CoachCast offers a revolutionary video analysis platform for all sports, dance, or any other activity, where video can help improve performance. They have packages that includes unlimited video storage for teams and per individual athletes.

Coach's Eye

Coach's Eye is a way to amplify your coaching with video by providing feedback to your athletes, so they can make rapid improvements.

Use Coach's Eye to capture video from mobile devices and cameras to analyze with premium tools for adding coaching feedback on the video to share with each athlete.

Coach's Eye offers individual package for Coaches and a Team package. It is available to use for multiple sports. 


CoachCam is a sports video analysis app for creating coaching analysis video. Record with a mobile device or upload video and use highlight tools to edit the video with drawing lines, arrows, shapes or adding text to the video. There is an exclusive Cut & Move feature to show better positioning and coaching points for each scene. You can also share the video analysis clips to athletes. 

CoachCam offers individual coach package and team package to use with multiple players. It is available to use for multiple sports.

Sportscode by Hudl

Sportscode is a video analysis software tool to create codes for tagging plays to review and present in-game or post game. Capture video and code events so you can track metrics and do performance analysis with reports for your team.  

Sportscode offers 3 different packages to coaches with features that fit for small teams on a budget to college and pro teams. It is available to use for multiple sports.  


Nacsport is a sports performance video analysis software tool for Coaches and teams to use. Performance analysis tools offer sport professionals the chance to evaluate behaviors, both their own or their competitors', by providing them with quality information to make better decisions at a later stage.

Nacsport offers a suite of products and multiple pricing packages for all levels of teams and budgets. It is available to use for multiple sports. 


Dartfish is a sports video analysis software tool that makes it possible for coaches to tag what matters to them.  Capture video and analyze sports performance with tools for coaches to share highlights with athletes. 

Dartfish offers multiple pricing packages with video storage including for individuals and teams. It is available for multiple sports and coaches at training centers.


This is a list of Video Analysis Tech for Coaches to capture and highlight a player with coaching point analysis.  Video Analysis tech involves recording and organizing video by clips of a player, then adding coaching feedback and sharing it with each player.  It is used by Coaches at academies, camps, clinics or training centers with private coaching.

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